Episode 5

Dean: A Meaningful Life


November 6th, 2020

17 mins 9 secs

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About this Episode

Today's entry is from Dean Gruner. He tells a powerful story about how three men's lives--and especially their deaths--profoundly affected the trajectory of his life, slowly releasing him from a life of self-focus to one of purpose, meaning, and faith. As you listen to Dean's story, listen closely to how your life's story might be echoed in his. We would also like to invite you to consider a few reflection questions:

How have loss and suffering changed how you think about the world?

How have others helped you on your spiritual journey?

How have you helped others on their spiritual journey?

For you, what is a meaningful life?

Biblical Texts: Romans 5:1-11; 2 Samuel 1:1-27

What strikes you as interesting in these stories?

Do you hear your own life echoed in any of these biblical accounts?